You deserve
to feel inspired

I believe, in a single well-crafted sound lies a whole universe of ideas. When you play around with an awesome preset you have the chance to tap into the zone and unleash your hidden creative potential… it’s nothing less than magic.

You hear something in that sound that is worth exploring… a world you can emerge yourself into. While you are forgetting everything around you, the creative juices start flowing and you pull out that new shiny thing: a melody, an idea for a great line, lyrics, a whole song idea

All at once you know how this production or this remix should sound… should feel like. Because suddenly it’s fun to play around with a stunning preset, you instantly hear that chord progression that runs perfectly with the sound you were just messing around with.

You don’t know exactly where it came from… you know it was always there… … as a feeling. You just need that special something that will finally set it on fire… that will trigger this emotion… this memory… that will finally help make it materialize, bring it to life… all you need is that spark!

My goal with SparkPackers is to stir your imagination… to help you revitalize the track you are working onto revamp the remix that isn’t quite working yet… to unlock the song idea, you know, lies deep inside of you.

All you need are SoundPacks full of original and inspiring sounds!

3d perspective of a virtual screenshot of serum wavetables, sound pack box covers and different macro and filter sections featured on SparkPackers landing page

Michael Appel

I’ve always been fascinated by music and how it affects people.
You can make people remember things, make them feel good or sad… like a natural, second language.

Let’s reboot
the spirit
of sound design

Let me give you something new… something ORIGINAL to play with!
UNIQUE sounds that help you STAND OUT in this noisy world of music production and songwriting.
Sounds and tools that help you turn the presets into YOUR OWN sound!
Sounds that INSPIRE!

Let’s not clone

On SparkPackers you won’t find any sample or soundpacks inspired by Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix or ____________
(fill in the blanks with the name of the hot DJ or music act we both love and is topping the charts right now).
The reality of the business is that you won’t get a career if you imitate the sound of your favorite artist.

Instead, let me give you stimulating tools as a perfect STARTING POINT to give you that first excitement
that get your creative juices flowing!

Let’s hack
sound design

You don’t know much about sound design and all the technical aspects of it all? Perfect!
Just play!
Because of the wizardry of Serum you don’t have to call yourself a sound designer to get
to the unique sound that helps you stand out.

I pre-assigned Serum’s four Macro knobs in a way that you instantly have access to the
most magic element of each sound.
You are finally able to tweak the presets according to YOUR TASTE and get to YOUR SOUND just
by playing around with the MACRO knobs, mod wheel and the speed of the multi-cycle WaveTables
while staying in the zone… without interrupting the flow… but in fact enhancing it:
dive deeper into every preset and create a totally unique sound that might even spark something new!

Let’s make
some magic

Ever imagined being an alchemist?
As a producer and songwriter you are a mixer of memories and emotions.
You are sitting in your lab… surrounded by all these different substances, raw ingredients, special powders…
that effect your thinking… that jumpstart your imagination… light a flame in you… and set your heart and mind on fire
That’s what I’m commited to give you with every new Pack here at SparkPackers.

Let me
help you

Let me help you stir your imagination… light that spark… so you can tap into the zone and find inspiration!

My goal with SparkPackers is to help you

  • to revitalize the track you are working on
  • to revamp the remix you don’t know how to start
  • to unlock this song idea you know is buried deep inside of you
  • to take a leap and jump ahead… to trust your taste and find your own voice
  • to find your signature sound that people will recognize and that gets you discovered