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Crazy Electric

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No#1 Source Code To Build Your Own Sounds

After I had sampled all these beautiful analog-synths and turned them into wavetables, I was immediately startled by how close we came to capture the various flavors and nuances of those hardware units.

I thought, why stop there? Let’s go crazy! Let’s push Serum’s internal synthesis way further. Let’s warp, filter and repeat the render and resample process – now and then, multiple times.

My goal was to create crisp scanlines and magnetic, vibrant molecules that stick out and cut through the noise. Wavetables that are ready to electrify and to make an impact.
The opposite of lame & generic is Crazy Electric!

CE_Electric Heat 05

Electric Heat 05

CE_Heat 09+Crush 05

Electric Heat 09 (unison) + Electric Crush 05

CE_Electric Crush 06

Electric Crush 06

CE_Particle Stutter 01a

Particle Stutter 01a

CE_Particle Stutter 01b

Particle Stutter 01b

CE_Electric Heat 16

Electric Heat 16

CE_Wireframe 03+Crush 07

Electric Wireframe 03 (unison) + Electric Crush 07

CE_Heat 09+Wireframe 01b

Electric Heat 09 + Electric Wireframe 01b (unison)

Grab instant Magnetic & vibrant Synth Vibes

A Glimpse Into The Source Code / 75 Custom-Built Wavetables

Wavetable Collage with Screenshots of crazy electric, vibrant and magnetic Serum Wavetables

A First Taste

Wavetables In Action – Part II

Let’s listen to some more Wavetables.
You hear a plain and raw Wavetable scan-through with no additional internal Serum synthesis whatsoever. In a few cases, a 2-voice Unison is added for stereo imaging and it’s commented with (unison) below. Of course, the same goes for the audio demos on top of the page too.


Twisted Scanline 01 + Grainy & Electric 08

CE_Twisted Scanline 01

Twisted Scanline 01

CE_Grainy Electric 04a

Grainy & Electric 04a

CE_Grainy Electric 08

Grainy & Electric 08

What's So Special About The Wavetable Packs

The Wavetables sound awesome right out of the box.
Raw and naked as they come, they are ready to be put into your next track. Just browse the Starter Presets and you will definitely find that sound for your next production where the money is.

But the main beauty of the packs: It's super easy to find YOUR sound!
Choose a Wavetable you like, activate OSC B and find a great companion in form of a 2nd Wavetable. Flip through our Wavetable library, try out your own WT combination and you instantly get a new, unique sound.... fast and easy. Take it a step further and play around with the scan-through modulators. This will immediately change the sound.

You don't have to be a white lab-coat wearing sound designer to find YOUR sound.
Use them as a starting point. No INIT preset... no blank page... choose the Wavetables that spark an idea of a sound... let them jumpstart your imagination and play around.



Wavetable Files: 75 (custom-built / multi-cycle)
Wavetable Format: WAV – 24bit – 44.1kHz / Windows & Mac
Compatible with: Vital, Phase Plant, Hive 2, Arturia Pigments, Ableton Wavetable
How to install: Put the SparkPackers Wavetable folder into the specific folder structure of the above-mentioned synths or just drag the Wavetable.wav file into the GUI (Ableton Wavetable Synth)

  • Creamy Future
    Decimated Harmonics
    Electric Crush 01
    Electric Crush 02
    Electric Crush 03
    Electric Crush 04
    Electric Crush 05
    Electric Crush 06
    Electric Crush 07
    Electric Crush 08
    Electric Crush 09
    Electric Crush 10
    Electric Crush 11
    Electric Feedback 01
    Electric Feedback 02
    Electric Heat 01
    Electric Heat 02
    Electric Heat 03
    Electric Heat 04
    Electric Heat 05
  • Electric Heat 06
    Electric Heat 07
    Electric Heat 08
    Electric Heat 09
    Electric Heat 10
    Electric Heat 11
    Electric Heat 12
    Electric Heat 13
    Electric Heat 14
    Electric Heat 15
    Electric Heat 16
    Electric Heat 17
    Electric Wireframe 01
    Electric Wireframe 02
    Electric Wireframe 03
    Electric Wireframe 04
    Electric Wireframe 05
    Electric Wireframe 06
    Electric Wireframe 07
    Electric Wireframe 08
  • Electric Wireframe 09
    Electric Wireframe 10
    Electric Wireframe 11
    Grainy & Electric 01a
    Grainy & Electric 01b
    Grainy & Electric 02a
    Grainy & Electric 02b
    Grainy & Electric 03
    Grainy & Electric 04a
    Grainy & Electric 04b
    Grainy & Electric 05
    Grainy & Electric 06
    Grainy & Electric 07
    Grainy & Electric 08
    Grainy & Electric 09
    Harsh Wireframe 01a
    Harsh Wireframe 01b
    Harsh Wireframe 01c
    Nagging & Bright
    Organ Tek Circus
  • Particle Stutter 01a
    Particle Stutter 01b
    Particle Stutter 02
    Particle Stutter 03
    Particle Stutter 04
    Particle Stutter 05
    Particle Stutter 06
    Particle Stutter 07
    Stutter & Shine 01
    Stutter & Shine 02
    Twisted Scanline 01
    Twisted Scanline 02
    Twisted Scanline 03
    Twisted Scanline 04
    Twisted Scanline 05


Preset Files: 21 (.fxb)
Serum Version: XFER Serum VST/AU v1.214 or higher

20 Starter Presets

Although this is a Wavetable Pack, I also wanted to include stripped-down ‘Starter Presets’ that allow you to quickly browse the pack’s wavetables. They are also a fantastic starting point to kickoff your journey into building your own sounds.

Fun fact: The Starter Presets in this pack are the presets I used for the audio demos on this page. They feature one or a combination of Wavetables and include the exact speed settings for the parameters ENV2 & LFO1 that trigger the Wavetable scan-through process. The Starters make it super easy to test-drive all the other Wavetables in the pack. Switch them out and find the combination you like. Make sure to check out my YouTube Tutorials.

* I decided to limit the amount of presets that come with Analog vs Digital, Crazy Electric and Raw Power to 20 in order to make those even more affordable and to give you more choices. The other three packs come with 80 Starter Presets and are more than twice/thrice the size in MB. Of course, this relates only to the Starter Presets. The amount of Wavetables is 75 or 80 in all the packs!

The Framework Preset

Ready to play & load pre-processed, multi-cycle Wavetables. The routing of the modulators that automate the scan-through process are already in place, so grabbing instant synth sounds just by loading Wavetables is super simple

Size of the full Wavetable Pack: 170 MB (unzipped)

The Story Behind The Wavetable Packs

I remember walking into my studio one day, seeing all this amazing analog hardware gear that I had borrowed from friends and colleagues to finish a project... I thought, what a shame to give back all those beautiful cuties... I had put my heart into programming all these sounds and patches... what a waste...

So I launched into this sampling marathon and wondered, wait a minute - why stop there? That’s what everyone is doing. Let's take it a step further:
Let's chop up the samples into tiny molecules and transfer those snippets into Serum and create some Wavetables that capture those awesome analog vibes and live recordings.

The goal was to create Wavetables that sound amazing just by loading them into your favorite Wavetable synth.
At the end, I divided all 460 Wavetables neatly into different categories that match the characteristics of those new & fresh ingredients.

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