Virtual Box of our Free SparkPack full of samples. loops and midi taken from the 1minute ON making a pop dance beat quick tips video series. Our first free sample pack.

1minute ON making a pop/dance beat


With this sample pack you’ll get access to all the sounds we used in our 12 part video series as audio loops and STEMS.
I also included one shot samples like Kicks, Layered Claps and several synth sounds.

Some fairies high-on-red-bull added all the MIDI files, so you can go bad-ass crazy and edit the shit out of the two parts and make it YOURS. It’s all about jumpstarting your imagination and giving you small ideas as a starting point, so you don’t have to start with a blank page.

As always: Everything is 100% Royalty-Free… chop it, bend it, tweak the heck out of it and use it for whatever endeavor you pursue… let’s go and make some f**ing music!


What’s Inside

The SparkPack is divided into 2 Spark Kits:
Kit_A_128_BPM_Gmin and Kit_B_124_BPM_Gmin
In the full mix of the 1minute ON making a pop/dance beat series I used Kit B as the main dance beat and Kit A as the intro.

Files: 42
Size: 67 MB (unzipped)
Format Audio: WAV – 24bit – 44.1kHz / Windows & Mac
Fomat Midi: Standard MIDI files / Windows & Mac


Find Out What
Is All About

Blow Your Listeners Away

Why is SparkPackers so different from all the sound & sample pack labels out there?
The sounds are of extremely high quality to begin with… 100% original & usable soundsno space-fillers… you get sounds you might would expect from a hardware synth but never have dreamed of getting out of a soft-synth.

Make It YOUR Sound

On the other hand you get sounds that are easy & fun to tweak and to mess around with… not only do meticulous routed macros give you quick access to the most magic elements of each preset…
the Wavetables are custom-build and already pre-processed… they sound awesome right out of the box…
with those tools at your fingertips you don’t have to be a white labcoat wearing sound designer to make it YOURS.

Feel Inspired

You are sitting in your studio, your lab, your natural habitat, surrounded by all this great gear, all those plugins.
But now you need some raw ingredients, new material, special powders that you can feed to all those magic devices. Sometimes, when you don’t feel it, don’t have the right idea, worry about sitting in front of the blank page, the blank project why not start with loops, sounds and samples that jumpstart and stir your imagination… light that creative spark… so you can tap into the zone and find inspiration.


Resources Used
To Build The
Free SparkPack

If you like the synth samples and loops that come with the SparkPack, I definitely recommend to check out the BASS & FREAKS Sound Pack for Serum.
I love to use the presets on my own daily production work because even though 80% of this pack’s presets come as Bass sounds, you can tweak them easily into Leads or Chords… I can surprise myself everytime when I play around with those sounds.

The video series I mentioned above is a great resource to learn how I tweaked and built those BASS & FREAKS presets.

The Kicks and Claps were taken from an upcoming SparkPack. I recorded tons of analog drum machines over the past years (who hasn’t at this point?) and tried to make them unique by layering them up with recordings of live drum sets, stomps and neighbors banging on the wall.

I really enjoy doing this and I hope you find some value in it.
Have a great day!

“I’ve been building some new leads for my new material out of SparkPackers Serum Packs.
They sound immensely huge!”


Quick Tips Video Series.
1minute ON.

I’ve started putting up a quick tips video series on Instagram called 1minute ON. The first 12 videos had an overall arch, a theme, namely making a pop/dance beat.

The run-through videos are focusing on sound design and related music production techniques. I want to show that actually it’s fun to mess around with presets & sounds. We are going to deconstruct Serum presets – a great way to learn how to create synth sounds from scratch (think of it as a deluxe version of the “reverse-engineering” approach). We also look at how to tweak sounds in an easy and playfully way, and discover some macro magic… all with the overall goal to build our own personal sound arsenal.

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Compatible Software

The Samples and Loops come as .WAV files (24bit / 44.1 kHz) and work perfectly with any kind of audio software that handle this file type. The included Standard MIDI files are ready to get imported into your favorite software as well.


Wait, There’s More FREE Stuff.
– Really??!

If you don’t already know… there is a free sound pack for Serum. Grab it HERE.
12 Presets and 16 pre-processed, custom built Wavetables, ready for a wide range of Genres, like Pop, Dance, Electro and even Hip Hop.

The bass sound BS Clubbin’ used in the SparkPack pop/dance beat above is a Preset of this Free Serum Pack. You can read about how the other samples and loops got made below.