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Full of energy & flashing lights

It’s all about energy. It’s about the tools and toys you have at your disposal that get you into the zone. It’s all about the fire that gets your creative juices flowing…
And that’s what EDM BLASTRS is all about!

At the core of this pack you’ll find 80 custom-made wavetables that come in different flavors, textures and thermal gradients. Because of their distinctive and singular DNA they are an easy-to-use and time saving tool to build your own unique and original patches

Load a preset, swap one of the wavetables, choose a new wavetable combination you like. You’ll instantly get a new, unique sound…. fast and easy.
Take it a step further and play around with the scan-through modulators and the macros. All of this makes it super easy to find YOUR sound!

Locked and loaded with also 50 highly energetic presets this Spark Pack was designed to boost your creativity and to equip you with unique sonic signatures.

Euphoric, vibrant plucks that jump out of the speakers complete an arsenal of seductive pads and power surging basses that help you cut through the noise!

In combination with 35 chord progressions and melodies this pack truly delivers as a secret weapon: It’s vibrant, electrifying and colorful – overflowing with energy and flashing lights. It’s time to spark new song ideas!


  • 50 Serum presets
  • 9 x Bass // 3 x Key // 9 x Lead // 7 x Perc // 4 x Pad // 6 x Pluck // 12 x Synth
  • 80 brand-new, custom-made wavetables
  • 35 MIDI files
  • 1 PDF manual
  • Size: 170 MB
  • Genre: EDM, Melodic House, Electro House, Future Pop, Future Bass
  • Sys Req.: Xfer Serum VST/AU // v.1308 or higher // Windows & OS
Demo // Made by using only presets & MIDI from EDM BLASTRS - Vol.1 Melodic House

Demo // Made by using only presets & MIDI from this pack

The source code

Below you can take a look at the 80 custom-built wavetables I used to design the presets.
Think of the wavetables as the secret sauce. They come in different flavors, textures and thermal gradients.

Because of their distinctive and singular DNA they are a great tool to build unique and original patches.
15 wavetables are picked from six, already released wavetable packs. The other 65 are brand-new strings of molecules, particularly created for this release.

You immediately get an edge over your peers because the presets are not built with Serum’s factory wavetables that everyone is using.
I’ve added a folder with the custom wavetables as a bonus. They are a powerful, easy-to-use and time saving weapon to build your own patches.

collage of custom wavetables used in the serum edm presets pack called Edm Blastrs

Presets Preview

A selection of presets in action… with no external processing applied.
I totally recommend to also check out the video below which showcases more than 35 presets and MIDI files… soloed and in pairs.

SY Club On Fire

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 1 SY Club On Fire

PL Bragging Oscillators

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 2 PL Bragging Oscillators

PL Action Station

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 3 PL Action Station

LD Raging Bullets

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 4 LD Raging Bullets

SY Loud Now

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 5 SY Loud Now

SY Beautiful Wreck

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 6 SY Beautiful Wreck

BS Flashing Lights

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 7 BS Flashing Lights On Me

BS Amplify The Force

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 9 BS AmplifyThe Force

SY Galaxy Cluster

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 11 SY Galaxy Cluster

SY Floating And Flexing

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 12 SY Floating And Flexing

SY Temporal Reboot

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 13 SY Temporal Reboot

PD Golden Youth

EDM Blasters - Snippets - 14 PD Golden Youth

The Video

youtube thumbnail for the video showcasing the EDM BLASTRS sparkpack

Good Bye Writers Block

Turn to the 35 melodic EDM MIDI files whenever you look for that extra shot of inspiration.
There might be times when you open up your DAW, want to start a new track but just don’t feel it.

In combination with the Serum presets the MIDI files are a great starting point to help tear down those creative barriers. They are meant as inspiring ideas made to spark whole new tracks. No more blank pages!

To get a feel for the chord progressions and melodies check out the already mentioned video above.

Kickstart your

building blocks


Artist Testimonials

“I’ve been building some new leads for my new material out of SparkPackers Serum Packs.
They sound immensely huge!” [Serum Sound Pack Bundle]

“I'm using SparkPackers Serum packs for leadsoundlayers. Great stuff!" [Serum Sound Pack Bundle]

"Dope presets and one of my fav go-to packages!" [Serum Pack Modern Secrets]

Made to grab
instant attention

Signature Sound

design techniques


We are here to make finding your sound as fun and easy as possible!

You don’t have to be white lab coat wearing sound designer to create that unique sound that makes your production stand out.
Think of our presets as a starting point and tweak them until they match the vision inside your head!

It has never been easier:
Clever pre-assigned macros give you access to the most magic elements of each sound.
This makes finding YOUR sound a breeze!

  • BS AmplifyThe Force
    BS Belly Of The Beast
    BS Chemical Bond
    BS Flashing Lights On Me
    BS God Particle
    BS Headrush
    BS Icecube Shape
    BS Let’s Go Again
    BS Micro Dosing
    KY Candy Kids
    KY Goosebumps Again
    KY Night Swim
    LD Burning Inside
  • LD Captain Musk
    LD Eye Of The Storm
    LD Lazerbeams
    LD Melodic Daydreams
    LD Nice Tan
    LD Open Heart
    LD Quantum Soup
    LD Raging Bullets
    OR Distorting Reality
    OR Sundowner
    OR Tiny Rebel
    PD Baby Blanket
    PD Golden Youth
  • PD Heavy Falcon
    PD Wallflower
    PR Club Life
    PR Hitting Colors
    PR Rollerblades
    PC Summer Delight
    PL Action Station
    PL Bragging Oscillators
    PL Flipping In The Air
    PL Group Hug
    PL Poppin Supersaws
    PL Skywalk
  • SY Beautiful Wreck
    SY Club On Fire
    SY Daytime Heist
    SY Floating And Flexing
    SY Galaxy Cluster
    SY Head In Clouds
    SY Loud Now
    SY Mouth Open
    SY Part Time Psycho
    SY Something Flimsy
    SY Temporal Reboot
    SY Touch And Go

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