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Tropical Feelings // Vital Presets

This sound pack for Vital is a toolbox full of sparkling hot and dynamic fresh presets that you can effortlessly use to inject positive summer hit vibes into your music.

With 86 carefully crafted Vital presets – ranging from delicate plucks over powerful, percussive synths and vibrant bass sounds to fragile textured keys and silky pads – it’s the sound library where optimistic energy meets balanced, smooth calmness.

You are lying on a dreamy beach… a lush scenery bathed in endless sunshine… above you the subtle blues of the sky… you feel small waves playfully tickling your toes… in the air a sizzling excitement… the endless possibilities of the upcoming summer night…

Do you produce Tropical House, EDM, Future Pop, Reggaeton or Chillwave?
It’s time to feel good. Let’s dive into it!


  • 1 Vitalbank containing 86 Presets
  • 21 x Bass // 13 x Keys // 7 x Leads // 29 x Percussions // 5 x Pads // 10 x Synths
  • 128 custom-made Wavetables
  • 8 Attack/Transient Samples
  • Software Requirements: Latest version of Vital
  • 52 Drum Samples
  • 8 x Kicks // 4 x Claps // 25 x Perc // 15 x Layering Tools
  • Total Size: 452 MB
  • 100% Royalty-free
Demos // Made by using only presets & drums from Tropical Feelings (FX are not included)

Demo // Made by using only presets & drums from this pack (FX are not included)

collage of custom wavetables used in the vital presets pack Tropical Feelings

A glimpse into the source code

Above you see some of the custom-built wavetables I used to design the presets.
Think of the wavetables as the secret sauce. They come in different flavors, textures, thermal gradients… and are an easy and effective tool to build unique patches.

I released six wavetable packs earlier and had more than 450 wavetables at my fingertips… to pick and choose from, to play around with and to mix with each other.
Now, at the end of the design process a handpicked selection of 128 wavetable molecules make up the DNA of 86 meticiously programmed presets.

I’ve included a folder with all those multi-cycle, preprocessed wavetables as a bonus.
The breakdown below shows how many wavetables were taken from which wavetable pack.

wavetable packs used while making the tropical vital presets

Presets Preview

A selection of presets soloed and in action… no external processing applied.

PC Til Sunrise

Vital Tropical - PC 2 - PC Til Sunrise

PC Palm Tree Friends

Vital Tropical - PC 3 - PC Palm Tree Friends

PD Dunes In Space

Vital Tropical - PD 3 - PD Dunes In Space

SY Do That Dance

Vital Tropical - SY 1 - SY Do That Dance

KY Oceanic Flight 815

Vital Tropical - KY 1 - KY Oceanic Flight 815

KY Let’s Get Wet

Vital Tropical - KY 2 - KY Let's Get Wet

BS Banana Hammock

Vital Tropical Feelings - BS 1 - BS Banana Hammock

BS Del Rey

Vital Presets Tropical - BS 2 - BS Del Rey

SY Manhattan Beach

Vital Tropical - SY 2 - SY Manhattan Beach

SY Extended Honeymoon

Vital Tropical - SY 3 - SY Extended Honeymoon

KY Caravan Dreams

Vital Tropical - KY 3 - KY Caravan Dreams

PC Another Paradise

Vital Tropical - PC 1 - PC Another Paradise

PD Coconut Flakes

Vital Tropical - PD 1 - PD Coconut Flakes

PD Soft Shell

Vital Tropical - PD 2 - PD Soft Shell

  • BS Banana Hammock
    BS California Crush
    BS Del Rey
    BS Earth Ship
    BS Fish Gonna Swim
    BS Golden Gate
    BS Hot And Heavy
    BS In The Attic
    BS Jersey Shore
    BS Killer Whale
    BS Last Summer
    BS Maximum Cool
    BS Minor Meltdown
    BS No More Pizza
    BS Oceanic Nightlife
    BS Pirates On Postcards
    BS Rich Dudes Catamaran
    BS Shark Tank
    BS Sunbathe Party Repeat
    BS Virgin Islands
    BS Weekend Trip
    KY Aquamarine
  • KY Caravan Dreams
    KY Fading Dawn
    KY Ice Cores
    KY Let’s Get Wet
    KY Lost And Underwater
    KY Mai Tais In Heaven
    KY Missing Mermaids
    KY Never Ending Coastline
    KY Oceanic Flight 815
    KY Perfect Place
    KY Resort People
    KY Sweater People
    LD Barracuda
    LD Has A Vibe
    LD Island Hopping
    LD Magical Thinking
    LD Need More Pictures
    LD Private Yacht
    LD Toes In Hot Sand
    PC Another Paradise
    PC Better Than Sunshine
    PC Cosmic Hitchhike
  • PC Digitized Records
    PC Floatation Tank
    PC Heart Shaped Shades
    PC Infinite Holidays
    PC Just Crystals
    PC Lifeguard Station
    PC Loving Flip Flops
    PC Make Me Relax
    PC New Member Card
    PC On Brand
    PC Palm Tree Friends
    PC Quiet Simple
    PC Quiet Times
    PC Reality Check
    PC Roof Of The Cave
    PC Sandbox Pal
    PC Skinny Dipping
    PC Spring Break
    PC Technology In The Sand
    PC Temple Of Self
    PC Til Sunrise
    PC Treasure Island
  • PC Unusually Chromatic I
    PC Unusually Chromatic II
    PC When The Waves Peak
    PC Window Seat
    PD Coconut Flakes
    PD Dunes In Space
    PD Fading Mallets
    PD Gravity Well
    PD Soft Shell
    SY Bermuda Triangle
    SY Cocktail Hour
    SY Do That Dance
    SY Extended Honeymoon
    SY Interpreting Reality
    SY Manhattan Beach
    SY Moondance
    SY New Freckles
    SY Rainmaker
    SY With Blasters

The power of mixing your own colors

Extensive and well thought out macro routings help you dial in your personal vision of sound.
This makes finding YOUR sound a breeze!

gui screenshot of macro routing inside vital


As another bonus, I’ve added the kick and clap samples that were used in the audio demos.
Next to 25 percussion sounds – which I totally recommend to import as sound design tools into Vital’s noise section – you will love the samples in the layering tools folder.

Layer those up with your kicks or claps to give your drum samples more depth and texture.
They are a fantastic tool kit for adding that extra organic feel and for beefing up your drum sounds.

Watch The Video

youtube thumbnail for vital pack with tropical presets

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