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Test Drive 12 Delicious & Free Kick Drum Samples

Check out some of the bass drums I made for the sample pack Delicious Kicks and find out if you like what I do here at SparkPackers.
Download 12 kicks that reliably transport energy and punch whether it be in clubs, your car, on headphones or on mobile devices by entering your email address below.


I started out by designing a bunch of bass drum samples for my own pop and dance productions because in the vast sea of drum libraries on my HD I couldn’t find the “right” kick that I actually wanted to use.

I recorded quite a few drum sets and percussive instruments over the years and had GB’s of authentic and organic flavors at my disposal. I began by extracting original sounding transients, tasty overheads and stomps, rich drum-room ambiences and spills, and spicy thuds, smacks and slams.

So once I’d started, I couldn’t stop and went on this quest to create more than hundred unique 3-dimensional kicks from scratch by combining electronic drum sounds with flavorful natural colors and outstanding elements extracted from live-recordings.

I’ve randomly chosen 12 kicks for you to check out. I hope you find the free samples useful. Let me know what you think!

Expertly crafted + Unique

// 12 Memorable Kicks Suitable For EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop & Beats

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28 Free Ableton Wavetable Presets

Samples: 12 different, custom-built Kicks / Bass Drums
Type: Single, One Shot Samples
Genre: EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop & Beats
Format: WAV – 24bit – 44.1kHz / Windows & Mac
Size: 5 MB (unzipped)
Compatible with any kind of audio software and sampler that handle .wav files

  • Delicious_Kick_02_(G)
  • Delicious_Kick_17_var_1_(F#)
  • Delicious_Kick_45_var_1_(F#)_pre_2ms

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