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The Included Packs

Let’s Take A Peak

I remember walking into my studio one day, seeing all this amazing analog hardware gear that I had borrowed from friends and colleagues to finish a project… I thought, what a shame to give back all those beautiful cuties… I had programmed all these sounds… what a waste…

So I launched into this sampling marathon and wondered, wait a minute – why stop there? That’s what everyone is doing. Let’s take it a step further…
Let’s chop up the samples into tiny molecules and transfer those snippets into Serum and create some Wavetables that capture those awesome analog vibes and live recordings.

The goal was to create Wavetables that sound amazing just by loading them into your favorite Wavetable synth.
I want to give you the #1 source code that makes sound design easy and more accessible.
Wavetables that inspire you to build your own presets and help to find your own signature sound.

So, here we go: All 465 Wavetables divided into different categories that match the characteristics of those new & fresh ingredients. The whole bundle also comes with 299 Starter Presets for Serum and is in total a staggering amount of 1.77 GB big!

Analog vs Digital

The fun started when I began to process those strings of analog DNA further with all the wizardry a great synth like Serum has to offer: applying digital synthesis (using Warp, FM, Filters …) and then rendering and resampling those into new multi-cycle, pre-processed Wavetables.

Nasty, dirty movements… modular, warm vibes… a whole bunch of saw fractals… vibrating molecules. As a result you get the best of both worlds: analog, digital, hybrids and mashups. With Analog vs. Digital you’ll find no losers…. only winners and champions!

Wavetables: 80
Starter Presets For Serum: 20
Size: 147 MB


Nasty Modular 4b


Brilliant Future 3


Vibrating Molecule 4 + Nasty Modular 1 (unison)


Crisp Future Sync 3

Crazy Electric

After finishing Analog vs. Digital, I thought it’s time to go crazy! Pushing the internal synthesis way further… repeating the render and resample process – every now and then, multiple times.

My goal was to create crisp scanlines and magnetic, vibrant molecules that stick out and cut through the noise. Wavetables that are ready to electrify and to make an impact! The Opposite of lame & generic is Crazy Electric.

Wavetables: 75
Starter Presets For Serum: 20
Size: 170 MB


Electric Heat 05


Grainy & Electric 04a


Particle Stutter 01a


Twisted Scanline 01 + Grainy & Electric 08

Raw Power

Ok, this pack is dynamite! When equipping your favorite Wavetable synth with those larger-than-life sounds, be ready to – boom! – punch your muse in the face. Too graphic? Nah, then this pack isn’t for you.

Naming those Wavetables was the most fun and easiest part in months. You’ll find: Digital XXLs, Epic Blasts, Huge Scanlines, Knockouts and Powermoves. And the best: they are suitable for every genre. Rock and spice up your production.
Again, this one is a beast!

Wavetables: 75
Starter Presets For Serum: 23
Size: 213 MB


Powermove 01


Powermove 02


Powermove 08


Epic Blast 07 + Epic Blast 05 (unison)

Get an edge with custom-made wavetables

While everyone else is using Serum's stock wavetables
upgrade your wavetable arsenal and
arm yourself with a striking and colorful pallet of fresh ingredients.

Choose from 400+ spices
pick and mix the flavors you like
and take advantage of the secret sauce that can make the difference!

Tropical Mallets

Honestly? This is the pack I wanted to keep to myself.
Maybe it’s just me, but play your favorite chord progression with those transient rich Wavetables and you’ll have your next hit!

Who thought you can get such a nice & clean, natural color out of a soft synth? So! Much! Possibilities! You’ll get: Wooden, weighty, punchy, sizzling, crunchy, chromatic, caribbean and futuristic Tropical Mallets! Hit!

Wavetables: 80
Starter Presets For Serum: 80
Size: 435 MB


Chromatic Hit 04


Chroma Hit 15 + Hit 06 (unison)


Hit 12


Weighty 05 (unison) + Futuristic 11

Live Instruments & Mashups

Not only did I sample some nasty analog gear, I also recorded live instruments over the course of many studio sessions. As much as I love machines, you can’t ignore a shiny guitar or saxophone played by flawed but humorous and hopefully charming human beings, right?

Those amazing musicians brought their instruments into the studio and we recorded E-Pianos, Rhodes, guitars, acoustic guitars… a whole f** brass section… At the end of the day, the goal was to create hybrid and mashed-up Wavetables, not photo-realistic samples.

Here again, get the best of both worlds: Live instruments, synthesized, resampled, warped and re-rendered. Ready for the roaring 20s!

Wavetables: 80
Starter Presets For Serum: 80
Size: 435 MB


Brass 06


Piano Mashup 01 (unison) + Sitar Mashup 01


Plucked 20


Electric Key Mashup 01

Vintage & Lo-Fi

Every time you need Wavetables and synth vibes that are designed not to be flawless & immaculate but that capture character: Treat yourself with the Lo-Fi pack. This is the pack where you’ll find those tiny quirks and imperfections that we love so much.

Producing dusty Hip Hop and Lo-Fi Beats? Sparkpackers’ unique Lo-Fi library delivers all of the textured Serum wavetables you’ll ever need: Inside this genre-bending collection you’ll find 75 expertly crafted wavetables ranging from smooth flute textures over airy choir feels, to complex wonky vibes and crunchy vibrato organs, as well as grainy experimental textures.

These super charismatic Sparkpackers Vintage & Lo-fi Wavetables will get you in the flow in no time!

Wavetables: 75
Starter Presets For Serum: 75
Size: 412 MB


Character 15 – Strings + Character 03 – Airy


Crunch Attack 11 + Crunch Attack 12


Character 10 – Choir


Low Tech 10

What's So Special About The Wavetable Packs

The Wavetables sound awesome right out of the box.
Raw and naked as they come, they are ready to be put into your next track. Just browse the Starter Presets and you will definitely find that sound for your next production where the money is.

But the main beauty of the packs: It's super easy to find YOUR sound!
Choose a Wavetable you like, activate OSC B and find a great companion in form of a 2nd Wavetable. Flip through our Wavetable library, try out your own WT combination and you instantly get a new, unique sound.... fast and easy. Take it a step further and play around with the scan-through modulators. This will immediately change the sound.

You don't have to be a white lab-coat wearing sound designer to find YOUR sound.
Use them as a starting point. No INIT preset... no blank page... choose the Wavetables that spark an idea of a sound... let them jumpstart your imagination and play around.

Save 35% With this Bundle Deal

All 6 Wavetable Packs

465 Wavetables
299 Starter Presets for Serum
1,77 GB (unzipped)

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