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SparkPackers virtual box showing a virtual future stage that is the cover of our Sound Pack 'Future Tech Pop

With this pack I wanted to make sure you get your hands on excitingly unique pop presets that transport emotions and inject feelings into your track! You won’t find any space fillers. Every single preset is a star!

Are you tired of feeling stuck? You are looking for ways to find your signature sound but this goal seems far far away? Do you spend hours fiddling around with sounds from mediocre sound banks?

If you are looking for inspiring presets that are fun to play with and easy to tweak this one is for you. You can easily recombine and switch out the custom-built Wavetables within the presets or play around with the macros to find new sounds.

You’ll find euphoric and electrifying synth sounds you would expect from a $ 3K hardware synth but never have dreamed of getting out of a soft synth. This is the sound pack I wish I had when I started out producing music!

Jump to the next level with 100 vibrant and beautiful pop sounds and make your entire production highly recognizable!





Unique & Custom Built
Instant download

100% Royalty-Free

Pop, Future Pop, Dance, Future Bass
A First Taste

Presets in Action

newpopdemo 3 - Lofi Lowtech

“I’ve been building some new leads for my new material out of SparkPackers Serum Packs.
They sound immensely huge!”

The Secret Sauce

Custom Built, Pre-Processed WaveTables

I remember walking into the studio one day, seeing all the amazing analog hardware gear that I had borrowed from friends and colleagues to finish a project... I thought, what a shame to give back all those beautiful cuties... I had programmed all these sounds... what a waste...

So I launched into this sampling marathon and wondered, wait a minute - why stop there? That’s what everyone is doing. Let's take it a step further...

Let's chop up the samples into tiny molecules, transfer those snippets into Serum and process those strings of analog DNA further with all the wizardry a great synth like Serum has to offer: applying digital synthesis (using Warp, FM, Filter, ...) and then rendering and resampling them into new multi-cycle, pre-processed wavetables.

The resulting wavetables that capture those analog vibes and live recordings are the secret sauce of SparkPackers' super charismatic Serum presets.

The innovative Future Tech >> Pop sound pack makes use of a selection of the unique source code that can be found in the following wavetable packs:

Selection of Serum Wavetables floating in 3D over a dark background

Source Code

Some of the wavetables in this pack are exclusively made for Future Tech Pop, others are taken from our two bestselling wavetable packs shown above.

Parts of Crazy Electric and Analog vs Digital are basically the DNA of this sound pack and provide the source code for the pop presets.
Below you find a few examples:

Serum WaveTable called 'Harsh Scanlines 4' from our Future Tech Pop PackSerum WaveTable called 'Vintage Feedback 3' right out of our 'Future Tech Pop' PackSerum WaveTable called 'Brilliant Future 3' that comes with the Future Tech Pop PackSerum WaveTable called 'Harsh Scanlines 7' that comes with the pack 'Future Tech Pop'

Serum WaveTable called 'Morph the Future' that is part of our 'Future Tech Pop' PackSerum WaveTable called 'Vibrating Molecule' taken from our 'Future Tech Pop' Serum PackSerum WaveTable called 'Nasty Modular 6' that comes with 'Future Tech Pop'Serum WaveTable called 'Brilliant Future 4a' from our Future Tech Pop Pack

Ready to make your listeners jump up and down?

I promise you: you won't find any space fillers.
Every single preset in this pack is a star!

Fast & Playfully

Make it your Sound


You don't have to be white lab coat wearing sound designer to create that unique sound that makes your production stand out!

Think of our presets as a starting point and make them match the vision inside your head!
It has never been easier:
Clever pre-assigne macros make finding YOUR sound a breeze.

I've mapped the four macros for every preset differently, so you can have access to the most magic elements of each sound!
Here are some examples freshly taken out of the FUTURE TECH >> POP pack:

Macro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each presetMacro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each preset. Variation 2Macro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each preset. Variation 3Macro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each preset. Variation 4Macro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each preset. Variation 5Macro Section of Serum with pre-assigned knobs that give you access to the most magic element of each preset. Variation 6

Who said Serum can't do beautiful, warm pop sounds?

If you are looking for yet another aggressive and wobbly LFO-driven dubstep or trap serum pack
with screeching, growling drone sounds,
this one isn't for you.

No external processing applied

More Preset Previews

newpopdemo 7 - 16 love1
newpopdemo 8 - 16 love2
newpopdemo 5 - Lofi CH Hold
newpopdemo 10 - Lofi Airy

Blow Your Listeners Away

Make It YOUR Sound

Feel Inspired


Arm yourself with striking and colorful pallets of sounds that beam your track into the future.
Be one step ahead with sounds that lead tomorrow.
See you in the future!

What’s Inside?


7 Brass
14 Bass
48 Chords
1 Key
8 Leads
11 Plucks


13 Single-Cycle Wavetables
109 Multi-Cycle Wavetables


10 ATTACK (Transients)

  • BR Candy Store
    BR Gliding Robots
    BR Lollipop
    BR Meet Me In Japan
    BR Paradise Strip
    BR Tower Of Power
    BR Video Games
    BS Clubbin’ 5th
    BS Graduation Present
    BS Helicopter Mom 5th
    BS How We Do 5th
    BS It Works Everytime
    BS Kid’s Toy 5th
    BS Like A Party In The DAW
    BS Like A Party In The USA
    BS My Best Friend
    BS My Favorite
    BS Not Your Enemy
    BS Only Physical
    BS Plastic Beach
    BS Your Electric Friend
    CH Amusement Park
    CH Appetizer
    CH BPM Honeymoon Suite
    CH BPM Jet Stream
  • CH BPM Mr. Smith
    CH BPM Mrs. Smith
    CH Brilliant Insight
    CH Chocoholic
    CH Clown Down
    CH Colliding Hearts
    CH Definitely Half Full
    CH Disco California
    CH Easy Ride
    CH Electric Love
    CH For Your Entertainment
    CH Friday Night
    CH Full Memory Access
    CH Gone Wild
    CH Good Kidz
    CH Heartstopper
    CH High Five
    CH Hummingbird
    CH Imaginary Friends
    CH Karma Kid
    CH King Of My Domain
    CH Like A Bee
    CH Love On A Spaceship
    CH Modern Times
    CH New Car Smell
  • CH New In Town
    CH Perfect Lovers
    CH Perfume
    CH Queen Of My Castle
    CH Razzle Dazzle
    CH Rodeo Clown
    CH Sleepwalking
    CH Spaceman Saw
    CH Sponge Bath
    CH Strangest Things
    CH Summer Lover
    CH Supersonic Saw
    CH Three-Nighter
    CH Tongue-Tied
    CH Under My Skin
    CH VHS Tape Recorder
    CH Vintage Me
    CH Vintage U
    CH Vintage Who
    KEY Dream Machine
    LD Binge This
    LD Bone Structure Approved
    LD Electric Starchild
    LD Modular Fortress
    LD Power Saver Mode
  • LD Rock That
    LD Vintage And Beautiful
    LD Weekend Lovers
    OR Bubblegum Soldiers
    OR Cake And Balloons
    OR Deja Vu
    OR Hitchhiker
    OR Hypnotize Me
    OR Magic Juice
    OR Melancholy Road
    OR Oh So Fresh
    OR Sweet Escape
    OR Timid Vampires
    OR Vintage And Sold Out
    PL Bottles In The Pool
    PL Caribbean Night
    PL Diamonds And Girls
    PL For The Kids
    PL Gentle Lover
    PL Go Team
    PL Money Maker
    PL One Click Away
    PL Own The Night
    PL Party Bus
    PL Yes Please

  • Bright Quantized Scan 1a
    Bright Quantized Scan 1b
    Bright Quantized Scan 2a
    Bright Quantized Scan 2b
    Brilliant Future Sweep 1a
    Brilliant Future Sweep 1b
    Brilliant Future Sweep 2
    Brilliant Future Sweep 3
    Brilliant Future Sweep 4a
    Brilliant Future Sweep 4b
    Brilliant Future Sweep 5a
    Brilliant Future Sweep 5b
    Brilliant Future Sweep 6a
    Brilliant Future Sweep 6
    Brilliant Future Sweep 7a
    Brilliant Future Sweep 7b
    Brilliant Future Sweep 8X
    Creamy Future Sweep 1a
    Creamy Future Sweep 1b
    Creamy Future Sweep 2
    Creamy Future Sweep 3
    Creamy Future Sweep 4
    Creamy Future Sweep 5
    Crisp & Synced Future 1
    Crisp & Synced Future 2
    Electric Wireframe 1a
    Electric Wireframe 1b
    FM Distorted 1b LPF
    Grainy & Electric 1a
    Grainy & Electric 1b FM
    Grainy Sq Noise Scan 1
  • Grainy Sq Noise Scan 2
    Harsh Scanlines 02
    Harsh Scanlines 03
    Harsh Scanlines 04
    Harsh Scanlines 05
    Harsh Scanlines 06b Brassy
    Harsh Scanlines 07 Metal
    Harsh Scanlines 08 Looper
    Harsh Scanlines 09
    Harsh Scanlines 10
    Harsh Scanlines 11
    I Was A Saw Once 1
    I Was A Sq Once 2
    I Was A Triangle Once 1
    Instable Sq 5th Detuner
    Lo-Fi & Deep 2
    Lo-Fi & Deep Zb
    Mellow Endorphine Sweep 1a
    Mellow Endorphine Sweep 1b
    Morph 2 The Future 1
    Nasty Modular Feedback 2b
    Nasty Modular Feedback 4a
    Nasty Modular Feedback 4b
    Nasty Modular Feedback 6
    Nasty Modular Feedback 7
    Organ Tek 10 Nagging
    Organ Tek 11 Grainy 5th XL
    Organ Tek 12 Deci Attacker
    Organ Tek 13 5th Filtr
    Organ Tek 14 RetroNois
    Organ Tek 15 Vintage
  • Organ Tek 16 Small Mids
    Organ Tek 17 Overtones
    Organ Tek 18 GrainAtt
    Organ Tek 19 Mid5th
    Organ Tek 20 RetroSoft
    Organ Tek 21
    Organ Tek 22 Circus
    Organ Tek 23 CircusNoisXL
    Paint It Bass 1
    Paint It Bass 2
    Real-ish E-Bass Particle 1
    Real-ish E-Bass Particle 2
    Real-ish E-Bass Particle 4
    Real-ish E-Bass Particle 5
    Real-ish E-Bass Particle 6
    Saw Fractal 01a Sweet
    Saw Fractal 01b Sweet
    Saw Fractal 02a Overload
    Saw Fractal 02b Overload
    Saw Fractal 03 Epic
    Saw Fractal 04 Bender
    Saw Fractal 05 Hyper
    Saw Fractal 06 Grainy
    Saw Fractal 07 Vibrating
    Saw Fractal 08a Magnetic
    Saw Fractal 08b Magnetic
    Saw Fractal 08c Magnetic
    Saw Fractal 09 Magnetic
    Saw Fractal 10 Retro
    Saw Fractal 11 Instable
    Saw Fractal 12a NoisFM
  • Saw Fractal 12b NoisFMX
    Saw Fractal 12b NoisFMXL
    Saw Fractal 13a Detuner
    Saw Fractal 13b Detuner
    Saw Fractal 14 Octave
    Saw Fractal 15 Overload
    Saw Fractal 16 GrainSalad
    Sounds Brassy 2me 1a
    Sounds Brassy 2me 1b
    Sounds Brassy 2me 2a
    Sounds Brassy 2me 2b
    Vibrating Molecule 1a
    Vibrating Molecule 1b
    Vibrating Molecule 1c
    Vibrating Molecule 2
    Vibrating Molecule 3
    Vibrating Molecule 4
    Vibrating Molecule 5
    Vintage & Mellow 1 Brassy
    Vintage & Mellow 2 Saw
    Vintage & Mellow 3 Saw
    Vintage & Mellow 4 Filter
    Vintage & Mellow 5 SyFiltr
    Vintage & Mellow 6 SyFiltr
    Vintage & Mellow 7 SyFiltr
    Vintage & Mellow 8 NoisPh
    Vintage Feedback 1
    Vintage Feedback 3
    Vintage Feedback 4

Transmitter and Tools for the details section featured on the serum pack 'Future Tech Pop'

What Do I Need

System Requirements

To use this pack you must have XFER Serum VST/AU v1.214 or higher installed on your computer.
You need 281MB of free hard drive space for presets and wavetables (unzipped).virtual screens with serum gui next to SparkPackers virtual box 'Future Tech Pop'

Future Tech >> Pop Overview

Let’s Sum It Up

Cover photo of the virtual Serum Preset Pack box called Future Pop showing virtual gates that beam your production to the next level


  • Pop, Dance, Future Pop, Hyperpop, EDM, House, Electro, Future Bass


  • 100 highly-recognizable presets for your upcoming production no one has ever heard before
  • colorful and stunning sounds that help you stay competitive tomorrow!
  • this Serum Pack is tailored to push your upcoming production to the next level
  • beam your track into the future!


  • 122 unique custom built multi-cycle WaveTables as the source code of the presets
  • innovative and always in high-resolution
  • pre-assigned macros let you tweak presets in order to find YOUR signature sound… fast and effortlessly… without interrupting the flow… stay in the zone!
  • transport emotions and inject feelings into your modern pop song


  • beautiful warm, commercial and chart-ready pop sounds
  • always radio compatible
  • no space filler
  • every sinlge preset is a star!
  • euphoric and electrifying synth sounds, ready to make your listeners jump up and down
  • presets that help you get discovered in the crowded, noisy world of music production

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