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Acoustic MASHUPS

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Acoustic Mashups is a Ableton Wavetable Presets pack with custom built wavetables and presets for ableton live 10 and this is the virtual box


The idea was simple: Let’s create new, original hybrid presets by mashing up acoustic instruments and analog synth sounds.

The result: Hell yeah! We get the best of both worlds. Live instruments, like e-pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, harps, a sitar and multiple brass instruments mashed up and newly recombined with analog synth gear… everything synthesized, resampled, warped and re-rendered.

By the way, I only used my own, self-made and custom-designed multi-cycle wavetable to build the presets – no Ableton stock wavetables were used! The pack comes with 102 fully formed, mashed-up presets… always with a fresh unique twist… modern synth sounds that take your production to the next level!

Let’s listen in
LI A1 - 30a - Pluck 03 - Proc

Pluck 03 – Proc

LI A2 - 30b - Pluck 06 - Proc

Pluck 06 – Proc

LI A3 - 78 - Pluck 11 - Clean

Pluck 11 – Clean

LI A4 - 801 - Brass 05 - Proc

Brass 05 – Proc

LI A5 - 2notes - Sitar Mashup 02 - Proc

Sitar Mashup 02 – Proc

LI A6 - 2notes - Plucked 14 - Clean

Plucked 14 – Clean

LI A7 - 39 - Harp 03 - Proc

Harp 03 – Proc

LI A8- 39 - Electric Key Mashup 06 - Proc

Electric Key Mashup 06 – Proc

Acoustic & synthetic Mashups

The Source Code Of The Presets // 80 Custom-Built Wavetables

Collage of screenshots taken from Ableton Wavetable presetssynth's GUI showing custom made acoustic live instruments wavetables

What's so special about
the ableton wavetable presets?

You immediately get an edge when using our Ableton wavetable presets because they are not built with Ableton's stock wavetables everyone is working with.

Our presets instead are designed with original, custom-made wavetables.
This let's you cut through the noise and instantly gives you a headstart over your competition!

Above all, you can be sure to get your hands on original and distinguishable sounds because the source code of the presets is exceptionally unique.

In addition to that you will find out that the fully formed presets are highly exceptional and come with their own distinct personality because Ableton’s wavetable synth really can show off with some impressive internal FM and Filter capabilities.

As a result you’ll get your hands on a wide ranging palette of colors that cover natural, acoustic instruments and also charismatic synth sounds. Sounds you actually want to use on every track in your daily production work!

Acoustic Mashups

In Action

LI B1 - 815 - Plucked 01 - Proc

Plucked 01 – Proc

LI B2 - 815b - Brass 02 - Proc

Brass 02 – Proc

LI A1 - 30a - Pluck 03 - Proc

Electric Key Hit 01 – Clean

LI B5 - 810 - Harp 01 - Proc

Harp 01 – Proc

LI B6 - 810 - Electric Key 01 - Proc

Electric Key 01 – Proc

LI B7 - 810 - Brass 07 - Clean

Brass 07 – Clean

LI B3 - 39 - Sitar Mash 02 - Clean

Sitar Mash 02 – Clean

LI B4 - 39b - Piano Mash 01 - Proc

Piano Mash 01 – Proc

LI B9 -720 - Brass 05 - Proc

Brass 05 – Proc

LI B8 - 2notes - Pluck 19 - Proc

Pluck 19 – Proc



Wavetable Files: 80 (custom-built / multi-cycle)
Wavetable Format: WAV – 24bit – 44.1kHz / Windows & Mac


Preset Files: 102 (.adv)
14 Brass
10 Electric Keys
11 Electric Key Hits (Synth Plucks)
9 Electric Key Mashups
16 Harps (Synth Plucks)
2 Pianos
5 Piano Mashups (Synths)
24 Plucked (Synths)
4 Plucked Mashups
7 Sitar Mashups (Synths)

Size of the full Pack: 140 MB (unzipped)
Software Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Wavetable Synth Add-on. Minimum V10.06
How To Install: Wavetables and presets are nested in an Ableton Live Project folder. Put this project folder somewhere on your HD and then drag this folder into Ableton’s sidebar. From there you always have easy access to the presets and wavetables. An included pdf shows the easy installation process in detail.

Secret Sauce

How The Wavetables Got Made

I designed the sounds for Ableton's wavetable synth by utilizing multi-cycle wavetables I initially made for and within Serum.

Whether you are using Ableton's wavetable synth or Serum: You immediately get an edge when using custom-made wavetables rather than relying on stock wavetables that everyone is working with.

The best: You use those wavetables with different synths and you always get different, new distinctive sounds! Because the internal processing of various soft synths has its own coloring and shines with particular capabilities, you never get the same sound when using the same wavetables.

In order to create original and innovative sounds that help artists to stand out, I thought to myself:

Let's start at the tiniest level... mess around with the smallest string of molecules... modify the raw source code that shapes a synth sound: WaveTables... I used Xfer Serum with its awesome mess-with-wavetables capabilities and pushed the soft-synth to its limits in order to build exciting and unique Wavetables... the secret sauce that sounds awesome right out of the box... that gives you an edge and can make all the difference!

I started by programming original sounds on some of your favorite hardware analogue synths

sampled these sounds by putting them through some high-end and nasty output gear

some were then mashed up with samples of live instruments I recorded... like bass, acoustic and e-guitars, multiple violines and cellos (for strings), trumpets and trombones (for brass) and an old wurlitzer... to appy natural and organic feel

I only used the best pieces of meat and transferred snippets of these samples into Serum

next, these WaveTables were re-synthesed by using Serum’s wizardry like warp and formulas ect

here is where the magic happens: sculpturing and messing around with the OSCs by putting them through warp, render, sync, re-sample… and repeat…

I finally stored the resulting OSCs as unique, bad-ass, multi-cycle WaveTables... that's how the secret sauce got made!

Whoop whooop!
As a result we get 460 unique Wavetables... divided into 6 Wavetable Packs... the extra-ordinary source code for extra-ordinary, original sounds.

screenshot of ableton wavetable gui and how the ableton wavetable presets got made in 3D

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