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Free Pigments Presets

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virtual box for the next level hot taster pack that comes with free pigments presets and free wavetables

Test drive the main premium sound pack ‘Next Level Hot’ for Arturia Pigments with a selection of modern, essential presets. As you might have suspected all the patches inside were designed by utilizing our custom-made wavetables.

I wanted to put together a free pack that might spark a new track idea and would enable you to build an entire instrumental with only those sounds. I challenged myself this morning to do just that… above is the track I came up with. I tried to use all the included free presets. The various kicks are taken from the Delicious Kicks sample pack and are, like the rest of the drums and FX, not included.

Download the free Pigments presets by entering your email address below.

pigments gui screenshots of free presets flying in 3d space

in Action

Preset Previews

Free Pigments - 1 BS Aftermath + PERC Blue Sky

BS Aftermath + PERC Blue Sky

Free Pigments - 2 PD Cosmic Wow

PD Cosmic Wow

Free Pigments - 3 KY Rough Patch

KY Rough Patch

Free Pigments - 4 KY In Her Eyes + LD Luv Bait

KY In Her Eyes + LD Luv Bait

Free Pigments - 5 ST Drama Queen + TML Framework Preset

ST Drama Queen + TML Framework Preset

Free Pigments - 6 SY Showtime Baby

SY Showtime Baby

Free Pigments - 7 BR Me In Japan

BR Me In Japan

Free Pigments B - 8 PD Miles Away + KY Binge Mode #

PD Miles Away + KY Binge Mode

What’s Inside



Sys Req.
Arturia Pigments VST/AU
V2.0.0 or higher

39 MB
Windows & Mac OS

Free Presets

screenshot of arturia pigments showing a list of the 15 free presets

Free Custom Wavetables

gui screenshot of pigments showing the free wavetables that are also included


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29 Custom-Made Wavetables

A Glimpse into the source_Code

collage depicting a selection of the included free custom wavetables that come with this pigments pack

cover image showing the free pigments presets pack with its taster badge

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