Custom-Built Wavetables: The Secret Sauce

How The Wavetables Got Made

Why did I bother and spent hundreds of hours creating unique multi-cycle Serum Wavetables, you ask?

I always had the vision to create inspiring presets no one has never heard before… original and innovative sounds that help artists to make an impact… help you stand out!

The best solution I came up with: Start at the tiniest level… mess around with the smallest string of molecules… modify the raw source code that shapes a synth-sound: WaveTables… that’s why I pushed Serum to its limits to build exciting and unique WaveTables… the secret sauce that sounds awesome right out of the box… this made all the difference!
Here’s what I did:

I started by programming original sounds on some of your favorite hardware analogue synths…

sampled these sounds by putting them through some high-end and nasty output gear

some were then mashed up with samples of live-instruments I’ve recorded… like bass, acoustic and e-guitars, multiple violines and cellos (for strings), trumpets and trombones (for brass) and an old wurlitzer

I only used the best pieces of meat and transferred snippets of these samples into Serum

next, these WaveTables were re-synthesed by using Serum’s wizardry like warp and formulas ect

here is where the magic happens: sculpturing and messing around with the OSCs by putting them through warp, render, sync, re-sample… and repeat…

I finally stored the resulting OSCs as unique, bad-ass, multi-cycle WaveTables… that’s how the secret sauce got made!

Whoop whooop!
Get access to 460 Wavetables divided into 6 Wavetable Packs.

Selection of Serum Wavetables floating over white background

Art Collage of a best of selection of wavetables grabbed from Xfer Serum GUI that come with all the wavetable packs available

Virtual Box full of 122 unique Serum WaveTables

100 Presets

122 WaveTables

Mainly taken from:
– Analog vs Digital
– Crazy Electric
– Raw Power

Virtual Box for Bass And Freaks full of 122 unique Serum WaveTables

100 Presets

104 WaveTables

Mainly taken from:
– Analog vs Digital
– Crazy Electric
– Raw Power



Fast & Playfully

Make it your Sound II

Think of the multi-cycle WaveTables, I’ve made for Serum, as the source code and the presets as the framework of the sounds.You can:

Play around with ENV 2 and LFO 1 to adjust the speed the WaveTable is played back with.
Because both ENV 2 and LFO 1 trigger the WT Position.

ENV 2 controls the WaveTable from start to end (1-256). It scans the WT only one time, for one pass.
Therefore, use DECAY of ENV 2 to adjust the speed of that first run-through.

LFO1 plays a section of the WaveTable in a loop. Control the speed with the knob RATE. The LFO 1 starts with a DELAY that matches the DECAY setting of ENV 2.
It means: The LFO only starts playing the WT in loop when ENV is done playing through the WT.

Another knob you will love is ENV 2 RELEASE:
You can control how fast the WaveTable is played back for the release part of the whole preset.
(On condition, that there is a release set up with ENV 1, of course)

Tutorial How Envelope 1 triggers Serum OSC WaveTable

Tutorial How Serum WaveTables are triggered by ENV and LFO

In our example above:
The decay of envelope 2 is 1sec = delay of LFO1 is also set to 1sec. LFO 1 starts playing the loop after 1sec.

OK, well – in theory that maybe sounds complicated. But don’t overthink it. Once you’ve played around with the presets you will intuitively adjust these knobs, believe me. Just know that there is a relationship between DECAY (env2) and DELAY (lfo1).
I will upload a tutorial on all the fun things you can do with our custom-made WaveTables.

Another example for a shortcut to turn a preset into YOUR sound:
Just load another cutom-built WT into one of the WaveTable Slots of Serum and find out how the new combination of WaveTables (source code) sounds in context of the pre-loaded preset (framework).