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The Portal

cover of the pigments 4 presets pack The Portal

60 Presets, 97 Wavetables & 40 Midi Files

This pack for Pigments is full of smooth, flashing lights!

Pulsating energy fields, slowly emerging from your studio speakers, drifting through space… illuminating the infinity around you, flickering in sync with the universe… taking control of the pulse of your listeners… injecting emotions…

Sometimes dark and deep, other times lighthearted and bright, this pack zeroes in on pads: Warm, lush, dreamy pads… cinematic, atmospheric and sparkling synths… electric pianos, keys and organs with that warm vintage, lo-fi vibe.

My main goal was to give you a wide range of synth presets that max out the wizardry Pigments 4 has to offer and that fire up your creativity.
Step through the portal… and see you on the other side!


  • 60 Pigments Presets // 1 Pigments Bank .pgtx
  • 6 x Brass // 4 x Bass // 8 x E-Pianos // 6 x Leads // 3 x Organs
  • 23 x Pads // 1 x Pluck // 5 x Strings // 4 x Synths
  • 97 custom-made wavetables
  • 18 samples
  • 40 MIDI files
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • 1 PDF guide
  • Size: 205 MB
  • Sys Req.: Arturia Pigments VST/AU // v.4.0.0 or higher // Windows & OS

$19,99Add to cart

$19,99Add to cart

Demo // Made by using only presets and midi from The Portal

Demo // Made by using only presets and midi from this pack

Upgrade your sound arsenal

Presets in action

PD Endless Dawn

PD Luv Bait

BR Fragile Robots

LD Fly Away

Smooth, flashing lights

PD Cooked Up Memories

PD Secret Code

PD Fun Times

PD St Lovers Day

arturia pigments presets and custom wavetables put into a 3D perspective collage

The source code

Below you can take a look at some of the 97 custom-built wavetables I used to design the presets.
Think of the wavetables as the secret sauce. They come in different flavors, textures and thermal gradients.

Because of their distinctive and singular DNA they are a great tool to build unique and original patches.
The strings of molecules that come with this pack are hand picked and carefully selected from six, already released wavetable packs.

You immediately get an edge over your peers because the presets are not built with Pigments factory wavetables that everyone is using.
You can always use those custom wavetables yourself as a powerful, easy-to-use and time saving weapon to build your own patches.

collage of custom wavetables used in the pigments 4 presets pack the portal

Presets Snippets

A selection of presets in action… sound and MIDI straight from The Portal soundset.
There is no external processing of any kind… no EQ, no compression, and no other effects used.

PD Summer Breeze

BR Awww Factor

PD Virtual Underground

PD Beautiful Mess

PD One Heartbeat Away

BR Parachute

PD Miles Away

PD On A Cruise

ST Three LittleWords

EP About Time

SY Neon Rainbow

PD Paper Plane

The Video

Mix your own colors

Our mission is to make finding your sound as fun and easy as possible!

You don’t have to be white lab coat wearing sound designer to create that unique sound that makes your production stand out.
Think of our presets as a starting point and tweak them until they match the vision inside your head!

It has never been easier:
Extensive and well thought out macro-routings give you access to the most magic elements of each preset.

Dial in your personal taste and a wide ranging characters of sounds, fast and hasslefree. It’s an absolute time saver!
This makes finding YOUR sound a breeze.

Design Techniques


Building Blocks

No blank pages

Turn to the 40 melodic MIDI files whenever you look for that extra shot of inspiration.
There might be times when you open up your DAW, want to start a new track but just don’t feel it.

In combination with the Pigments presets the MIDI files are a great starting point to help tear down those creative barriers. They are meant as inspiring ideas made to spark whole new tracks. Good Bye Writers Block!

  • BR – Awww Factor
    BR – Fragile Robots
    BR – Me In Japan
    BR – My Battles
    BR – Parachute
    BR – Riot Tigers
    BS – Back To Wood
    BS – For Keeps
    BS – Go With It
    BS – Let ‘Em Bass
    EP – About Time
    EP – Anthology
    EP – Binge Mode
    EP – Broken Dreams
    EP – Campfire
  • EP – Dark Wings
    EP – Exciting Future
    EP – Lovebug
    LD – Coconuts All Day
    LD – Fly Away
    LD – Fly High
    LD – Game Night I
    LD – Game Night II
    LD – Heaven Sent
    OR – Airy Flutes And Sky
    OR – Cinema Silence
    OR – Off To Nashville
    PD – Apparently In Love
    PD – Beautiful Mess
    PD – Cooked Up Memories
  • PD – Cosmic Wow
    PD – Damn Mermaids
    PD – Endless Dawn
    PD – Fun Times
    PD – Good Morning Lovers
    PD – Lovely Roads
    PD – Luv Bait
    PD – Miles Away
    PD – On A Cruise
    PD – One Heartbeat Away
    PD – Painted Postcards
    PD – Paper Plane
    PD – Place To Be
    PD – Reunited
    PD – Secret Code
  • PD – Sleepless Nights
    PD – St Lovers Day
    PD – Summer Breeze
    PD – Virtual Underground
    PD – Wolves And Sheep
    PL – Garage Sale
    ST – Complete Me
    ST – Feelings Underneath
    ST – Headspace
    ST – Long Nights
    ST – Three Little Words
    SY – Alien Hive
    SY – Neon Rainbow
    SY – Quantum What
    SY – Rough Patch

cover image of the pigments 4 presets pack The Portal wrapped in a plastic bag awaiting shipment

$19,99Add to cart


While this pack is made for Pigments 4 and can only be opened with v4.0.0 there is a simple solution:

After your purchase send me an email and I’ll provide you with a download link to an earlier version of this pack that is working with Pigment

If you purchased the discontinued pack ‘Next Level Hot’ drop me an email and I’ll set you up with a $5 voucher. I took a handful of patches from this older pack and re-designed them for The Portal.

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