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Tropical Mallets

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No#1 Source Code To Find Your Signature Sound

Honestly? Those are the Serum wavetables I wanted to keep to myself. Maybe it’s just me, but you play your favorite chord progression with those transient rich wavetables and you’ll have your next hit!

Who thought you can get such a nice & clean, natural color out of a soft synth? So! Much! Possibilities! You’ll get: Wooden, weighty, punchy, sizzling, crunchy, chromatic, caribbean and futuristic Tropical Mallets!

Tropical Mallets Demo 2 video ad

Various Wavetables I


Chromatic Hit 01


Hit 14 + Chromatic Hit 01 (unison)


Weighty 05 (unison) + Futuristic 11


Hit 12


Hit 03


Chroma Hit 15 + Hit 06 (unison)


Hit 15 + Knock 05 (unison)

Grab instant Summer Hit Vibes

A Glimpse Into The Source Code // 80 Custom-Built Serum Wavetables

Collage of all wavetables taken from Xfer Serum GUI that come with the tropical mallets pack from sparkpackers

All Things Technical – The Details


Wavetable Files: 80 (custom-built / multi-cycle)
Wavetable Format: WAV – 24bit – 44.1kHz / Windows & Mac
Made For: Xfer Serum
Compatible with: Vital, Arturia Pigments, Phase Plant,Hive 2, Ableton Wavetable

  • Caribbean 01
    Caribbean 02
    Caribbean 03
    Caribbean 04
    Caribbean 05
    Caribbean 06
    Caribbean 07
    Caribbean 08
    Caribbean 09
    Chroma 01
    Chroma 02
    Chroma 03
    Chroma 04
    Chroma 05
    Chroma 06
    Chroma 07
    Chroma 08
    Chroma 09
    Chroma 10
    Chroma 11
  • Chroma 12
    Chroma 13
    Chroma 14
    Chroma 15
    Chroma 16
    Chroma 17
    Chroma 18
    Chroma 19
    Chromatic Hit 01
    Chromatic Hit 02
    Chromatic Hit 03
    Chromatic Hit 04
    Chromatic Hit 05
    Chromatic Hit 06
    Chromatic Hit 07
    Chromatic Hit 08
    Chromatic Hit 09
    Chromatic Hit 10
    Futuristic 01
    Futuristic 02
  • Futuristic 03
    Futuristic 04
    Futuristic 05
    Futuristic 06
    Futuristic 07
    Futuristic 08
    Futuristic 09
    Futuristic 10
    Futuristic 11
    Futuristic 12
    Futuristic 13
    Hit 01
    Hit 02
    Hit 03
    Hit 04
    Hit 05
    Hit 06
    Hit 07
    Hit 08
    Hit 09
  • Hit 10
    Hit 11
    Hit 12
    Hit 13
    Hit 14
    Hit 15
    Hit 16
    Hit 17
    Knock 01
    Knock 02
    Knock 03
    Knock 04
    Knock 05
    Knock 06
    Knock 07
    Weighty 01
    Weighty 02
    Weighty 03
    Weighty 04
    Weighty 05


Preset Files: 81 (.fxb)
Serum Version: XFER Serum VST/AU v1.214 or higher

80 Starter Presets

Although this is a wavetable pack I also wanted to include stripped-down starter presets that allow you to quickly browse the pack’s wavetables. Plus: They are a fantastic starting point to kick off your journey into building your own patches.

Each starter features a wavetable with its specific scan-through automation settings. That makes it fun to test-drive all included wavetables and easy to find the sound you like. Each starter comes with its unique set of wavetable pairs and filter settings. Activate OSC B & and the filters and tweak the starter preset from here.

The Framework Preset

Makes it easy to load & play the multi-cycle wavetables. The routing of the modulators that automate the scan-through process is already in place. Grabbing instant synth sounds just by loading wavetables is super simple!

Size of the full wavetable pack: 435 MB (unzipped)

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Get an edge with custom-made wavetables

While everyone else is using Serum's stock wavetables
upgrade your wavetable arsenal and
arm yourself with a striking and colorful pallet of fresh ingredients.

Choose from 400+ spices
pick and mix the flavors you like
and take advantage of the secret sauce that can make the difference!

400+ Fresh Ingredients

The Wavetable Bundle

What's So Special About The Wavetable Packs

The Wavetables sound awesome right out of the box.
Raw and naked as they come, they are ready to be put into your next track. Just browse the Starter Presets and you will definitely find that sound for your next production where the money is.

But the main beauty of the packs: It's super easy to find YOUR sound!
Choose a Wavetable you like, activate OSC B and find a great companion in form of a 2nd Wavetable. Flip through our Wavetable library, try out your own WT combination and you instantly get a new, unique sound.... fast and easy. Take it a step further and play around with the scan-through modulators. This will immediately change the sound.

You don't have to be a white lab-coat wearing sound designer to find YOUR sound.
Use them as a starting point. No INIT preset... no blank page... choose the Wavetables that spark an idea of a sound... let them jumpstart your imagination and play around.

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