retro x now is a sound bank for the wavetable synth vital with synthwave and lofi presets

Retro X Now // Vital Presets

Let’s evoke the spirit of the synthwave era, get inspired by retro soundscapes and beam ourselves back into the future with Retro X Now!

This sound bank for Vital gives you lush, dreamy pads, dark basses and neon, cyberpunk-ish synth sounds and pays tribute to an era where synth-driven artists started to bloom and took over the music world.

When designing the pack it felt like building these little time capsules that embody the heart and soul of those beloved, iconic hardware synths just wasn’t enough.

I also wanted to add a more modern perspective. That’s why you can – with the help of the macros – dial in fresh sonic edges to the patches. Think of sounds that are rooted in the 80’s & 90’s and are projected into the future.

This makes these Vital presets widely useful across several genres… whether you produce Synthwave, Disco, Electronica, Ambient, Pop or Future Bass.


  • 1 Vitalbank containing 80 Presets
  • 24 x Bass // 4 x Leads // 25 x Pads // 26 x Synths // 1 x Template
  • 101 custom-made Wavetables (embedded)
  • 6 Attack/Transient Samples
  • Size: 172 MB
  • Software Requirements: Latest version of Vital
  • 100% Royalty-free
Demos // Made by using only presets from Retro X Now (Drums & FX are not included)

Demo // Made by using only presets from this pack (Drums & FX are not included)

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collage of custom wavetables used in the presets pack for vital called Retro X Now

synthwave and lofi presets for the wavetable synth vital

A glimpse into the source code

Above you see some of the custom-built wavetables I used to design the presets.
Think of the wavetables as the secret sauce. They come in different flavors, textures, thermal gradients… and are an easy and effective tool to build unique patches.

I released six wavetable packs earlier and had more than 450 wavetables at my fingertips… to pick and choose from, to play around with and to mix with each other.
Now, at the end of the design process a handpicked selection of 101 wavetable molecules make up the DNA of 80 meticiously programmed presets.

The wavetables are embedded within each Vital patch.
The breakdown below shows how many wavetables were taken from which wavetable pack.

wavetable packs used while making the synthwave preset pack retro x now for vital

wavetable packs used during the design prosess of the vital presets

Presets Preview

A selection of presets soloed and in action… with no external processing applied.

BS Gimme Spears

Vital Retro - 1 BS Gimme Spears

BS I Float Around

Vital Retro - 2 BS I Float Around

BS On The Outskirts

Vital Retro - 3 BS On The Outskirts

BS Big Break

Vital Retro - 4 BS Big Break

PD Angels Like You

Vital Retro - 5 PD Angels Like You

PD Faded Jeans

Vital Retro - 6 PD Faded Jeans

PD Obsession Refound

Vital Retro - 7 PD Obsession Refound

PD Colored Past

Vital Retro - 8 PD Colored Past

PD Magnetic Sweep

Vital Retro - 9 PD Magnetic Sweep

SY Force Field Swooped

Vital Retro - 10 SY Force Field Swooped

LD Modern Lights

Vital Retro - 11 LD Modern Lights

SY Feed Me What’s Next

Vital Retro - 12 SY Feed Me What's Next

SY A Juicy One

Vital Retro - 13 SY A Juicy One

PD Dance Me Home

Vital Retro - 14 PD Dance Me Home

  • BS All Eyes On You
    BS Big Break
    BS Cheat Day
    BS Gimme Spears
    BS I Float Around
    BS Just Hanging
    BS Kraut Surfing
    BS Let’s Hang Out
    BS Let’s Roll
    BS Little Edge To It
    BS Marginal Velocity
    BS Office Party
    BS On The Outskirts
    BS Present Moment Gone
    BS Protective Membrane
    BS Revival Complete
    BS Sedimentary Layers
    BS Shots In The Dark
    BS Spooky Sunday
    BS Stored Mind
  • BS The Underwoods
    BS Twist Ending
    BS Vicious State
    BS Window Seat
    LD Beautiful Mess
    LD Dating A Celebrity
    LD Fever Pitch
    LD Modern Lights
    PD Afterglow
    PD Angels Like You
    PD Breakup Edition
    PD Colored Past
    PD Dance Me Home
    PD Daydream
    PD Faded Jeans
    PD Feeling Blue Filter
    PD Gone By Fast
    PD Gone By Slow
    PD Hasn’t Started Yet
    PD Heartbreak Elsewhere
  • PD I Call You Home
    PD Just Ages Ago
    PD Like 1984
    PD Lost Magnets
    PD Lost World
    PD Magnetic Sweep
    PD Memory Lane
    PD Neon Days Are Back
    PD Obsession Refound
    PD One Heartbreak Away
    PD Passed Moments
    PD Remebering Stuff
    PD Unforgettable
    SY A Juicy One
    SY Bits Of Menace
    SY Coded Piano
    SY Domestic Future Vibes
    SY Extraodinary Expectation
    SY Feed Me What’s Next
    SY Force Fields Swooped
  • SY Fragmented Reality Swoop
    SY Future Swoop
    SY Gravity Swoop
    SY Hot Modern Swoop
    SY Icy Swoop
    SY Just Like Heaven
    SY Karma & Friends
    SY Landed In Brooklyn
    SY Last Gleaming
    SY Magnetic Shifts
    SY New Concepts
    SY Old Flame On Again
    SY Protective Membrane
    SY Radiating Out
    SY Sandbox Delight
    SY Slumber Party
    SY Turbulence Energy
    SY Untethered Expanse
    SY Vanity Party
    TMP Wavetable Funday

The power of mixing your own colors

Extensive and well thought out macro routings help you dial in your personal vision of sound.
This makes finding YOUR sound a breeze!

gui screenshot of macro routing inside vital

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