Recent Work

Here is a selection of songs I wrote, produced and mixed over the past several months.



She's So

She’s So

Time Machine

Time Machine






Here at invisibleMonkeys we work with established acts and labels on ghostwriting and producing impactful and innovative songs.We also help growing, independent artists & musicians
find their unique voice and develop their signature sound.


Composing original music and writing great lyrics (in english and german) is the secret sauce of the work we do.
We love to write catchy melodies and being obsessed with words and rythm quite frankly helps a lot.We enjoy collaborating, writing in teams, helping out and giving the track the edge.
So that at the end:It stands out!


We focus on producing mainstream pop music.Main genre: Pop, EDM, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, hybrid Pop/Rock.
We love to mash up genres.Producing music surprises us every single day.
It’s he perfect field to learn and create.
Hell yeah!


We love to work primarily In-The-Box.
Our weapons of choice:
Cubase, Ableton, ProTools.
Genelec 8040, KRK Rokit 8, Mixcube.
Shure SM7B, AKG C414.
Warm Audio WA73-EQ.
Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII.
UAD, Softube, Waves, Sonnox and Fab-Filter PlugIns help us achieve that wide range of cutting-edge sound we are looking for:
phat, analog, modern, pristine, punchy and fresh!

Michael Appel

I’ve always been fascinated by music and how it affects people.
You can make people remember things, make them feel good or sad… like a natural, second language.

Sound Design

We’ve built our own unique sound and sample library over the years.
The Drum Samples we use are all built from scratch… the main acoustic instruments… everything is recorded, edited, programmed – with love.
With xfer Serum we’ve found a powerful tool to create innovative synth sounds.
Ready to give each new track its own unique signature sound!


Load up that original piece of music, get inspired, hear and attach the sound and version of the track you hear inside your head and just ride the wave of flow.
It’s all about taste!


Over the years we’ve published and produced for BMG Germany, Sony/ATV, Universal and Warner and worked with a wide range of independent clients.
Here’s a small excerpt..