next level hot is a sound bank for arturia pigments with 115 presets

Next Level Hot // Pigments Presets

Flare up the inside of your DAW with a diverse palette of modern colors suitable for multiple styles of music.

My goal was to create a fiery collection of essential presets that I personally would want to use every day… no filler sounds… only presets that glow in the mix and grab instant attention… no matter if working on a track with 70 or 130 BPM!

Here is what you’ll get: Everything you need for an immediate adrenaline rush… edgy, massive, cranked synth sounds… screaming, buzzing leads… analog digital hybrids with a fresh twist.

You want to infuse tenderness and compassion? Warm, lush and dreamy pads… orchestral, cinematic and atmospheric sounds… included & ready to go!

What about smooth, warm organs or keys with that classy vintage, lo-fi vibe? Yes! In combination with vibrant, thick bass and sparkling, crisp brass sounds this pack has you covered. This really is an essential, versatile preset pack. Ready to give your music the edge it deserves!


  • 115 Pigments Presets // Pigments Bank (.pgtx)
  • 12 x Brass // 9 x Bass // 15 x Keys // 7 x Leads
  • 19 x Pads // 7 x Percussion // 11 x Plucks // 6 x Strings
  • 156 custom-made Wavetables
  • 6 Attack/Transient Samples

Warm, Lush, Dreamy, Tender

Upgrade your sound arsenal

Lush Tender Pads - 1 PD Apperently in Love

PD Apperently in Love

Lush Tender Pads - 2 PD Painted Postcard

PD Painted Postcard

Lush Tender Pads - 3 PD Damn Mermaids

PD Damn Mermaids

Lush Tender Pads - 4 KY Rough Patch

KY Rough Patch

Orchestral, Cinematic, Atmospheric

Pigments Presets - ST Headspace

ST Headspace

Pigments Presets - ST Complete Me

ST Complete Me

Orchestral Cinematic - 3 ST Three Little Words

ST Three Little Words

Orchestral Cinematic - 4 ST Drama Queen

ST Drama Queen

arturia pigments presets and custom wavetables put into a 3D perspective collage

Keys, Organs & Pads

Vintage, Lo-fi, Smooth, Laid-Back

SY Lovebug

Vitage LoFi - 1 SY Lovebug

OR Airy Flutes And Sky

Vitage LoFi - 2 OR Airy Flutes And Sky

KY Anthology

Vitage LoFi - 3 KY Anthology

KY Campfire

Vitage LoFi - 4 KY Campfire
Made To Grab Instant Attention

Massive, Edgy, Dark, Cranked, EDM

Pigments Presets - SY Fireball

SY Fireball

Pigments Presets - KY Use Me

KY Use Me

Pigments Presets - SY I'm Pumped

SY I’m Pumped

Pigments Presets - PD Not Alone Anymore

PD Not Alone Anymore

intense / crisp / sparkling / red / on fire

Modern Hybrids Fresh Processed

Fresh Processed Modern - 1 SY Showtime Baby

SY Showtime Baby

Lush Tender Pads - 6 PD Good Morning Lovers

PD Good Morning Lovers

Fresh Processed Modern - 6 SY Tools For Titans

SY Tools For Titans

Pigments Presets - PL Bumpersticker

PL Bumpersticker

Presets crafted with custom-made wavetables

Give Your Sound The Edge It Deserves

While everyone else is using Pigments stock wavetables to build patches we made use of our own, cooked-up secret sauce.
When you use presets that are designed by utilizing custom wavetables you immediately get a head start on your peers.

cover image of pigments 3 presets pack next level hot wrapped in a plastic bag awaiting shipment

  • BR – Baby Shower
    BR – Double Date
    BR – Fragile Robots
    BR – It Takes Two
    BR – Let’s Do This
    BR – Me In Japan
    BR – Nosedive
    BR – On A Cruise
    BR – Parachute
    BR – Quantum What
    BR – Riot Tigers
    BR – Short Squeeze
    BS – Aftermath
    BS – Back To Base
    BS – Cabin Fever
    BS – For Keeps
    BS – Go With It
    BS – Made Of Wood
    BS – Sweat Pants
    BS – Taking The 5th
    BS – Wannabe Real
    KY – Anthology
    KY – Binge Mode
    KY – Broken Dreams
    KY – Campfire
    KY – Dark Wings
    KY – Fly High
    KY – Free Ice Cream
    KY – Handshake
  • KY – In Her Eyes
    KY – Jarred
    KY – Lost In Heaven
    KY – Lovebug
    KY – Pinch Me
    KY – Rough Patch
    KY – Vintage Vibes
    LD – Happy Ending
    LD – Intoxicated
    LD – Luv Bait
    LD – Midnight Hideout
    LD – Rebel Too
    LD – Trigger Finger
    LD – Version Revisited
    OR – Airy Flutes And Sky
    OR – Cinema Silence
    OR – Fun Times
    OR – Off To Nashville
    OR – Power Move
    PD – Apparently In Love
    PD – Beautiful Mess
    PD – Cosmic Wow
    PD – Damn Mermaids
    PD – Fly Away
    PD – Good Morning Lovers
    PD – Lovely Roads
    PD – Miles Away
    PD – My Battles
    PD – Not Alone Anymore
  • PD – One Heartbeat Away
    PD – Painted Postcards
    PD – Place To Be
    PD – Reunited
    PD – Secret Code
    PD – Secret Mission
    PD – Summer Breeze
    PD – Tight Fit
    PD – Virtual Underground
    PERC – Aloha Inc
    PERC – Blue Sky
    PERC – Coconuts All Day
    PERC – Diva Beach
    PERC – Footprints In Sand
    PERC – Oceanic Blue
    PERC – Place To Be
    PL – Age Of Robots
    PL – Bumper Sticker
    PL – Cheekbones Stereo
    PL – Dancing Shoes
    PL – Dressed In Love
    PL – Friday Knight
    PL – Garage Sale
    PL – Heaven Sent
    PL – In A Flash
    PL – Last Night Out
    PL – Marine Biologist
    ST – Complete Me
    ST – Drama Queen
  • ST – Feelings Underneath
    ST – Headspace
    ST – Long Nights
    ST – Three Little Words
    SY – Cookie Monsters
    SY – Fireball
    SY – Game Night
    SY – I’m Pumped
    SY – Ice Box
    SY – Juicy Details
    SY – Light Saber
    SY – Made From Love
    SY – Neon Rainbow
    SY – Off The Races
    SY – Paper Boy
    SY – Paper Plane
    SY – Paper Scissors Rock
    SY – Rocket To Elsewhere
    SY – Showtime Baby
    SY – Sleepless Nights
    SY – St Lovers Day
    SY – Tools For Titans
    SY – Turntable Rocker
    SY – Underdog Style
    SY – Use Me
    SY – Victory Lap
    SY – Wheels Off
    TML – Framework Preset
The Power Of Mixing Your Own Colors

Dial In Your Personal Taste

Extensive and well thought out macro-routings let you dial in wider ranging characters of sound… with just one knob.

What Do I Need

System Requirements

To use this pack you must have Arturia Pigments 2.0.0 (VST/AU) or higher installed on your computer.
Next Level Hot is fully compatible with Pigments 3 as well.
You need 381 MB of free hard drive space for presets and wavetables (unzipped).a virtual product box full of pigments presets called next level hot next to two virtual screens with the arturia pigments gui opened

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“I'm using SparkPackers 'Next Level Hot' for leadsoundlayers. Great stuff!"

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