Hacking Sound Design – With Wavetables

Screenshot the youtube tutorial that looks at how to hack sound design with wavetables and serum on sound design

I received lots of emails over the last months regarding sound design and on how to find your OWN signature sound.

I believe that you don’t have to be a black-belt sound designer to get to YOUR sound. A lot of musicians are discouraged by the thought of a blank page, an INIT patch where you have to start and build your preset from scratch.

Let’s ditch the white lab coat and let’s use the beauty of pre-processed, multi-cycle Wavetables to jumpstart our sound design process.

Think of those Wavetables as tiny molecules and DNA strands that sound awesome right out of the box… the secret sauce you use to build your sounds with… fresh ingridients that inspire and get your creative juices going.

I’m using our free preset for Serum called Framework Preset that is an awesome starting point and tool that makes it super easy to scan-through those multi-cycle Wavetables.

In the video I’m using the Framework Preset in conjunction with multi-cycle Wavetables to build new sounds and presets in Serum.

As you can see I’m just playing around with different Wavetables and the modulator settings that automate the scan-through process. I get immediate results in the form of different sounds just by using different speeds and Wavetable combinations.

Use the new sound you’ve easily built, in your production or take a leap and take it a step further: Enhance the new sound by playing around with all the other wizardry a great wavetable synth like Serum has to offer. Tackle Unison, Filters, play around with Warp, the Noise Osc and the FX unit.

It’s so! much! fun! Just like playing video games.

I’m carefully approaching the holy sphere of Youtube tutorials, so for now, the videos are synth sounds + subtitles only.

I hope you find the video helpful!