How To Find YOUR Sound

Title Card of the youtube tutorial that looks at how to find your sound by building and tweaking presets


  • Deconstructing Presets – Building The Bass BS Clubbin’
  • Tweaking Presets – Turning a BS into a LD sound
  • Tweaking Presets – Tiny Tweaks And Layering Sounds
  • Tweaking Presets – Macro Magic – Fast & Easy
  • Putting It All Together – Looking At The Main Pop/Dance Beat
  • Deconstructing Presets – Building The Synth CH Chrystalline
  • Making The Intro – The Elements
  • !!! Sidechaining Bass & Kick With Ableton’s Multiband Dynamics
  • Tweaking Presets – Layering A 2nd Bass BS Crocodile Tears
  • The Intro – Looking At Various Elements