How To Use Multi-Cycle Wavetables With Serum

How to use pre-processed, multi-cycle Wavetables with Serum. Quick run-through tutorial looking at how to scan through wavetables with modulators

Here is how I love to utilize multi-cycle Wavetables. As tiny molecules that already sound awesome just by loading them up into your favorite Wavetable synth and by scanning through them from start to end.

We learn how to set up two modulators that automate the scan-through process. We route an Envelope to the Wavetable Position from 1-256 for the first scan-through and add a LFO modulator that loops through a part of the Wavetable. Indispensable to make it sound awesome for longer notes.


  • Setting up two Modulators to play through Wavetables
  • Two Different Techniques For The Scan-Through process
  • Trying Out Different Wavetable Combinations
  • Building A Preset With Wavetables As A Starting Point
  • FM + Env Trick: A Burst Of Nasty Energy
  • Tackling The FX Unit: Subtle Enhancements
  • Browsing SparkPackers’ Free Wavetables
  • Short Demo Track