The Framework Preset For Serum

Our free Framework Preset for Xfer Serum makes scanning through multi-cycle Wavetables a breeze.

With all the modulators for the automated play-through process already in place, it’s super easy to grab instant synth vibes. Load up and jumpstart your sound design process.

In this YouTube tutorial we will look at:

  • The Automated Wavetable-Scan-Through Process Explained – Modulators Env2 & LFO1
  • Browsing Some Future Tech Pop Wavetables
  • Trying Out Different Wavetable Combinations
  • Jumpstart Your Sound Design Process – Building A Preset
  • Recap: The Framework Preset And The Modulators Explained
  • Playing Around With The Framework’s Modulator Settings
  • Demo Track 01
  • Demo Track 02 – With Other Wavetables We Explored Earlier

This is a compilation of some 1minute ON quick run-through videos that I posted on Instagram.
[Undertitles Only + Synth Sounds]